Partnership Program

Our partnership programme is applicable for 1C Official partners (see more on We offer to become a part of our common business which is an automation of other businesses and provides a high quality products and services for our customers.

Rise SA (Pty) Ltd Business Solutions is a software company which is focused on development and localization of business solutions for South African market. The most of our products are developed on the universal and extremely popular 1C: Enterprise platform.

We do not sell our products end-users and distribute our products through our partners, which are able to provide adequate level service for local customers. We share our profit with our partners and believe that our partners  will increase their skills and do all the best in the interests of our customers

Our partners get rights to buy our products with discounts and commit to train and evaluate skills of their staff, it guarantees permanent and gradual growing of prosperity, their stability and competence in the field of business automation.

We prepared a presentation which covers the most of your potential questions. Leave a query on the Contacts page or send an email to with the subject - Partner presentation.