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Technical features of 1C Enterprise Platform

What is 1C:Enterprise?

This is a cloud and on-premise platform for developing automated systems and solutions focused on financial and operation business's activities.


The platform can be deployed on computers using different operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, etc.

Cloud friendly

Any applications developed on 1C: Enterprise platform work over the Internet in a browser window on your laptop or another mobile device.

Financial and analytical reporting

Smart generation of hierarchical, multidimensional, and cross-reports; grouping, aggregation, and drill down functionality; dynamic updates of report structure; and various chart types.


Choose from a variety of deployment options: from a single workstation to large enterprises and work groups.


Add interaction with virtually any external software and hardware based on universally acknowledged standards and data transfer protocols.

Database management system

Use a proprietary DBMS for data storage, or select one of the third-party storage options: Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, or Oracle Database.

Applied functionality

Task-oriented objects for a wide range of tasks, which include warehouse, management, and financial accounting, payroll calculation, data analysis, and management at business process level.


Easy learning curve for beginners and increased performance for experienced users. Rapid data provisioning and efficient use of keyboard.

Rapid development environment

The rapid development (RAD) environment is included in the standard delivery kit. End users can develop new applied solutions or modify the existing ones, either on their own or with the help of third-party specialists.