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This tool will allow a user to make the document capturing process much easier. It will save up time and prevent human errors commonly made when capturing. From a PDF scan to a document captured in the system, that is what this tool can do!

This tool also offers an app called RiseDoc where the user can take a picture of the document or attach a PDF file or a scan copy. This will then allow one to make a document in Rise Accounting or Rise School Management out of it.

RiseDoc App

This app allows you to keep all your invoices in one place. If you use our 1C applications, link them to RiseDoc to send recognized documents directly to your accounting system.

Getting RiseDoc App

To download RiseDoc:

  1. Go to the Playstore if you are using an Android or into the Appstore if you are using Apple.
  2. Search for RiseDoc in the search function.
  3. Click Install and install it as usual.

Linking RiseDoc App to 1C Systems

For the documents uploaded in the app to appear in your accounting system infobase, link the app to the system.

To link RiseDoc to Rise Accounting or Rise School Management:

  1. Open Rise Accounting or Rise School Management on your laptop or desktop.
  2. Go to Purchases and select Document recognition.
  3. Click Mobile apps in blue at the top.

Document recognition. Mobile apps.png

  1. Click Add to add a new user of the app. Every user should have its separate key and code which you can get by creating the adding a new one.
  2. Enter the required information and click Save and сlose.

Document recognition. User key.png

  1. Open the RiseDoc app on your phone.
  2. Enter a user key or scan a QR-code to log in. You will find this info in Rise Accounting or Rise School Management.

Welcome to RiseDoc.png

If you would like to change the Infobase, click Log out and link again to the correct one.

Functions of RiseDoc App

This app will allow you to take pictures directly from your phone or upload them from your gallery, if you have perhaps received it from WhatsApp, and then send them to your accounting system.

Uploading Files

To upload a file:

  1. Open the RiseDoc app.
  2. Your first screen will show you the documents that you have worked with and their status (recognizing, recognized, error).
  3. To add a new one, click Take a photo or Select files.

RiseDoc. Take Photo.png

Select Files

This option will allow you to select a picture from your gallery or any specific document folder on your phone. For example: someone sent you a picture on WhatsApp or on iMessage or even by Airdrop or Bluetooth, or perhaps you downloaded it into a document file. You can select these files and recognize them using the app.

To select a file from your gallery:

  1. Click Select files and select your files using the symbols at the top. Please note: the audio and video options are not used for this app.

RiseDoc. Select file.png

  1. Once you select the files, click Open to continue.

Take a Photo

This option will allow you to take a photo of the physical document that you have on hand and upload it into the app.

To take a photo:

  1. Click the Take a photo option.
  2. Take a picture of the document.
  3. Click Recognize to continue. Please note that the picture has to be very clear and understandable.

RiseDoc. Recognize.png

Recognizing Uploaded Files

Once your files have been selected, they will be recognized and sent to your accounting system. The recognition process has 3 phases once a file has been uploaded: Sending, Recognizing and Recognized. Once it has been recognized, it will be ready to use in the system.

RiseDoc. Recognized.png

There are instances that you can have an error. If this happens, please email our team and explain the steps taken and attach some screenshot. Contact us at [[1]]

You can open each file to look at its properties.

RiseDoc. Properties.png

You will be able to see the recognized fields, the history, and the size of the file.

Everything is now ready to work with in the system.

Document Recognition Tool

Documents can be uploaded in the app and in the accounting system. In the section above, we illustrated uploading documents via RiseDoc app. Now, lets have a look at uploading documents in the system.

Document Recognition Features

Uploaded – this feature allows you to view the recognized or uploaded documents according to the day that it has been uploaded.

Document recognition. Uploaded.png

Supplier – this feature will allow you to view the recognized or uploaded documents by supplier.

Document recognition. Supplier.png

Refresh button – this button will allow you to refresh and bring in all new uploaded documents.

Recognized – this button shows only the recognized documents, not the ones that are still being recognized.

Processed – this button shows only the processed documents which are the ones which already has an invoice created.

Deleted – this button shows all the documents that have been uploaded but have been deleted.

Expense Accounts by Counterparty

This feature allows the user to set default accounts for each supplier. You can change these accounts if necessary when processing the document.

To set default expense accounts by counterparty:

  1. Go to Expense accounts by counterparty in blue at the top. This will show you a list of all suppliers and their expense accounts.

Expense accounts by counterparty. Create.png

  1. Click Create to add a new one.
  2. Enter the supplier’s name and the default expense account.

Expense accounts by counterparty. Creating.png

  1. Click Save and close.

Uploading Documents in Rise Accounting and Rise School Management:

To upload a document to the system:

  1. Go to Purchases > Document recognition. This will open the screen where you will see all the documents that you have uploaded.
  2. Click Add files to upload a new document. This will open the uploading screen where you will click Add to select your files.

Document recognition. Add.png
Document recognition. Add files.png

  1. Choose your files from your laptop or desktop by clicking Select from disk. You can choose as many files as you wish in one go.

Choose file for recognition.png

  1. Click Ok to continue.

You will be able to see each file separately and preview your document on the right to make sure it is the correct one.

Send files- Document recognition.png

  1. Once you are sure, click Recognize to continue.


You will get a message saying that the files are being recognized and will then be redirected to main recognition window. You will be able to see the list of all documents and their status. If they are still in the recognizing process, they will say Recognizing. Once the recognition is complete, it will give each document a number.

Numbering documents.png

Downloading Files from Document Recognition Tool

Sometimes, when there is more than one user, it is possible that one user can upload the file using the RiseDoc app and the other user can download it in the system.

  1. Go to Purchases > Document recognition.
  2. Open the recognized file that you would like to download.
  3. Click Get file. This will download your file and save it to the downloads folder in your laptop or desktop.

Get file.png

Processing Recognized Documents

Whether you have uploaded the documents using the RiseDoc app or through the system, those recognized documents have to be processed in the same way.

There are different situations that may occur when processing a document.

Recognizing All the Fields in Documents

This is when the document is clear and the key fields are compatible with the attributes in the system.

Recognizing all the fields.png

Recognizing Some of the Fields in Documents

This is when only a few fields have not been recognized and the user has to manually enter the information. For example: in the screenshot below the supplier, invoice date, due date, subtotal and total were not recognized correctly. The user can either enter the information manually or use the linking tool to indicate where the correct information is.

Recognizing fields 2.png
Recognizing fields 1.png

Indicating Where Correct Fields Are

At times, it is possible for the recognition to indicate incorrect fields. However, the user can link the field to the attributes in the system manually.

  1. Select the field that is incorrectly link.
  2. Click the drop-down list icon and select Link manually.

At the bottom section of the screen, you will see some fields that will be filled automatically once you indicate where in the document it can be found. Here you will be able to check whether the selected information is correct.

  1. Click the correct field in the invoice in order to select it.

The red square will move to the selected field and will fill in the attributes at the bottom. If the red box does not move, then the field will not be recognizable and you will have to enter the information manually.

Indicating where the correct field is 1.png
Indicating where the correct field is 2.png

Generating Supplier Invoices

Once you are sure that all fields have been linked, you can finalize the document.

  1. Click Generate and select Supplier invoice. This will redirect you to the supplier invoice screen where you can add more information if needed.

Generate - Supplier invoice.png

  1. Post and close the invoice.

The document gets automatically attached to the supplier invoice.

File attachments.png