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Here you will learn how to set up email accounts to send and receive emails in the system.

Creating Gmail Accounts

To create a Gmail account:

  1. Log out from your current Gmail account and go to
  2. Click Use another account > Create account > For my personal use.
  3. Enter your First Name.
  4. Enter your Last name.
  5. Enter the Username. For example, statementsyourschoolname or accountsschoolname or whatever else that will work for your school.
  6. Enter the password and enter it again to confirm.
  7. Follow the prompted steps on the screen to finalize creating the Gmail account.

Gmail Account Authentication

You cannot use your usual password to log in to the mailbox through the email client. You will need a special password for an external application. To create such a password for Google account:

  1. Enter your Google account.
  2. Click Google in the top right corner and then click Manage your Google Account.
  3. Click Security on the left part of the screen.
  4. Under How to sign in to Google, click 2-Step Verification.
  5. Click GET STARTED.
  6. Enter your Google account password again.
  7. Enter the phone number and click Next.
  8. Enter a PIN code you get to your phone and click Next.
  9. Click Turn on.
  10. At the bottom of the page, click App passwords.
  11. Enter your Google account password again.
  12. Specify an App name that will help you remember where the application password will be used.
  13. Click Create.
  14. Copy the generated password. Note: you can see it only once. If you forget it, you will have to create a new one.
  15. Click Done.

Gmail passwords 1.png

Gmail passwords 2.png

Gmail passwords 3.png

Gmail passwords 4.png

Setting up System Accounts

To accessing the Email account settings:

  1. Go to Quick menu > Settings.
  2. Select General settings.
  3. Open the Email account drop-down and click plus sign to create a new one.

Email accounts.png

To set up the main Email account information:

  1. Enter the account Description. The name should reflect the goal and purpose of the account (example: Support service). This name is how the account will be represented in a variety of lists.
  2. Enter the account Email address in the user@mailserver format.
  3. Enter a Sender name to be specified when sending emails from this account.
  4. If you want to send emails from this account, select the For sending emails check box.
  5. If you want to receive emails to this account, select the For receiving emails check box.

Sending Emails (outgoing mail server setup)

To set up the Email account for sending emails:

  1. Open the Sending emails tab.
  2. Enter account Email address in the user@mailserver format. This address can differ from the primary address if you want it to be dedicated to sending email only.
  3. Enter the account Password you've created previously in your Gmail account.
  4. Select the Safe logon check box to use encryption at data authentication on the server.
  5. In the Server field, specify the address of your SMTP server. For example: for Gmail account. You can check this information on an email client website.
  6. Enter computer Port number to be used for outgoing email. For example: 465 for Gmail account. You can check this information on an email client website.
  7. Select the Use secure connection (SSL) check box.
  8. Select the Log on before sending check box if SMTP authentication on the server is required for a successful connection to POP3 server.

Other Settings

On the Other settings tab, you can specify the Server connection timeout. For example: 30 sec.

Checking Settings

To to validate email account parameters:

  1. Click Check settings at the top. This will send a standard email message to check that connection to email server can be established. You can also use the All actions > Check settings command to the same effect.
  2. If everything is correct, click Save and close.

If there is a problem, please take a screenshot with the error message and email it to us: