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Here you will learn how to install mobile client for Rise Accounting on your mobile device. This application allows you to perform all Rise Accounting operations on your mobile phone. You can only use it if you have a desktop version of Rise Accounting.

Downloading Rise Accounting Mobile Application

To download the Rise Accounting mobile client and connect it to your system:

  1. Open Rise Accounting on your computer.
  2. Go to Lists & Settings > Mobile client.
  3. Scan the QR code or open Google play to download Rise Accounting mobile client.

RA mobile app barcode.png

  1. Press Install.
  2. Open the application and press three dots in the top left corner.
  3. Press Add using QR code.

RA mobile app add infobase.png

  1. Get back to Rise Accounting on your computer and click Next below the QR code used to download the mobile application.

RA mobile app barcode.png

  1. Scan the second QR code with your phone to add your infobase to the mobile application.
  2. Press Done.

Scan QR code RA mobile app.png

  1. On the Main page of the mobile application, press the name of your infobase.

Proton RA mobile app 2.png

  1. Enter the Username and Password you use to log into Rise Accounting on your computer and click OK.

Enter password RA mobile app.png

The system will synchronize with the desktop application. You will be logged in under the specified user.

To log out, press three lines in the top left corner, press your user, and then press Log out.

Log out RA mobile app.png