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Customizing the Sections Panel

In the left part of the window, known as the Sections panel, you can see the main application functionality areas. Quick menu, Schools*, Bank, Sales, Purchases, Warehouse, Project/Time, Accounting, Lists and Settings, Reports and Settings*. To open a required section, click its name.

To customize the Sections panel:

  1. Clicking an arrow in the upper right corner > Settings > Sections panel setup.
  2. In the Available sections side, select a required section and click Add.
  3. To remove the section, select it in the Selected sections list and click Remove.
  4. To change the order of sections, select a section and move it by clicking the arrow buttons above the list of selected sections.
  5. Click OK to apply changes.

* These sections are only available in Rise School Management.

Panel setup

To display functions available in the selected section:

  1. Go to Tools > Settings > Panel setup. Here you can also decide where to display your sections.
  2. Drag the selected panel to the top, bottom, right or left and click Apply. As you do it, the sections change their position.
  3. To restore the default settings, go to Tools > Settings > Panel setup, click Default and then Apply.

Customizing the Home Page

To customize the Home page:

  1. Click Tools > Settings > Home page settings. Here you can decide which forms to place in the left and right column of the home page.
  2. To add new forms to the left column of the home page, simply select it in the Available forms list and click Add.
  3. To add forms to the right column, firstly add it to the left column and then move to the right.
  4. Click OK.
  5. You can remove forms from the home page by clicking Remove.

You can also take advantage of the search engine. To search for a particular document, list or setting, enter its name or a name part in the Search field in the upper left corner. The search is performed in all sections, not just in the current section functions.

On the Home page, you can also get Support and easily access Wikis. This will take you straight to the wiki page where we have all our manuals.