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Launching Rise Business, a bespoke supply chain and warehouse management system. Cloud or on-prem. 
Reduce stocks and increase net revenue.
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Learn more about a recent success story of a leading e-commerce company. Amazon, Ebay, Cartrover, Stripe,  Bitrix, Wordpress integrated in ONE system.  Sign up via https://rise.solutions/rise_business#rec581458134 for an upcoming 2024 webinar on the Rise Pilot Program.

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Our story. What we do.  

Rise SA Business Solutions was founded in 2014 in South Africa, in response to the growing worldwide demand for cloud solutions. Cloud solutions empower and transform businesses in many ways. 

It's been a privilege to be part of our customers' journey to better operational processes, better systems and better day-to-day management of financial, administration and other crucial operational processes. 

The Rise SA team develops cloud, mobile and desktop solutions that empower businesses and partners.

What started off from humble beginnings has been growing from strength to strength. During this exciting journey we have formed positive partnerships and collaborated with our customers and partners, to develop systems that work for the customer and solve their challenges. 

Our mission is to empower SME's, companies, accountants, entrepreneurs, businessmen, education providers, e-commerce businesses with a quality, innovative top notch integrated cloud system that addresses their challenges, improves their profitability and their competitive edge.
Our vision is to be the best - most empowering - most competitive software provider -  for schools, education providers, SMEs, larger companies, accountants and partners. 

The Rise SA team uses an award-winning platform for development.

It has been nominated as a Gartner FrontRunner for three consecutive years. In 2021 and 2022, G2 –  the largest and most trusted software marketplace –  has named 1C:Enterprise as one of the market leaders in their G2 Grid Report for Low-Code Development Platforms.

In 2021 and 2022, G2 –  the largest and most trusted software marketplace –  has named 1C:Enterprise as one of the market leaders in their G2 Grid Report for Low-Code Development Platforms.

Would you like to find out more ? Let's talk. Email info@risebiz.co.za to set up a Zoom meeting.

years of top-notch expertise
 10 000
long-term partners worldwide
 5 million
happy customers worldwide
countries worldwide
  1 500
certified solutions developed worldwide

Empower your business with Rise solutions

Award-winning platform
You get an instant access to all your business data FROM all of your branches wherever you are.
On-premise solutions
Our solutions are on premise.
Cloud-enabled solutions
Our solutions are cloud-enabled as well.
Mobile Solutions
They are easily integrated with your stand-alone (on-premise or cloud) solutions.
Data accuracy and data reliability
With Rise SA, data becomes available to you instantly. This makes your business data highly relevant, accurate and precise.
All RISE SA products have their own SQL engine that is highly modern, gets updated regularly and is virtually error free. It's also compatible with other SQL DMS such as Microsoft, IBM etc.

Choose RISE SA for all your business management needs

1C platform - many solutions
You can easily migrate to your next solution they are all on ONE platform. This will save you time and money.
Over 15 years of professional expertise in software development of accounting, payroll accounting and ERP
Over 15 years of expertise in financial management, accounting, tax and company compliance
Over 6 years of expertise in traditional marketing and digital marketing. We have put together all marketing materials for our customers and partners.
We will provide top-notch training to your employees suited to your Company's needs.
We also help to customize your software solutions to suit to your business needs and requirements.