We develop, distribute and support 1C licensed accounting and business management software solutions.
Being an official partner of 1C with over 26 years of expertise in business management software development, we will help YOUR company to get to the next level of business automation.

Welcome to Rise SA
a Leader in Business Management & Accounting Software

About Rise

Rise SA develops complete business management and accounting software solutions, employing best-in-class developers, certified accounting consultants, and experienced product managers.


As an official 1C partner, we create, implement and support business management software, such as accounting, payroll accounting, ERP and CPM solutions.

Our Philosophy and Values

Our philosophy is to work openly and honestly with each other, our customers and partners.

Our core value is open communication that is vital for our relations and ensures a positive outcome.

We believe that "If you want to go fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, walk together."

Our mission is to create best-in-class solutions for the SME market and distribute them through our local partners. We create employment by sharing our skills with South African partners.

What is 1C? 

1C, established in 1991, provides software development, distribution, publishing and support of computer applications and databases for business and home use.

1C Company provides an array of vertical solutions for manufacturing, distribution and service businesses. 1C works with clients through more than 10,000 partners in 600 cities in North America, Europe and Asia.

1C programs are used daily by several million business and government users to automate operations, accounting, finance, HR and management activities.