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1C: Document Management

1C: Document Management is a high-level enterprise content management software providing necessary tools for simple and efficient process and document management:

  • sending, receiving, and performing tasks 
  • creating and managing documents 
  • processing correspondence 
  • automating contractual work 
  • managing meetings

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The easy-to-use dashboard with current to-dos allows users to see their current work: tasks, emails, calendar, documents and files. With the dashboard, users stay informed about their to-dos and don’t miss a thing, which boosts their efficiency.

Control feature allows users to track activities related to any object in the system: documents, tasks, events, etc.

To provide process continuity and avoid idle periods, the system records information about workers' absence. In case a user starts a process in which there’s an absent participant, the system automatically warns about it and shows all the necessary information: who, when, and why.

The calendar helps users plan their personal schedule or check others’ schedule when setting a meeting. The application automatically reminds users about their planned events in advance at a specified time.

The solution built-in email client not only ensures confidentiality but also helps users to control execution of emails containing orders and directions. This reduces time spent on processing and sending emails and makes correspondence management time-saving. A user-friendly interface is alike usual email clients and don’t require special learning. With empowered confidentiality settings, the system will warn about sending an email outside the company and ask for confirmation.
DM_Email client.png

1C: Document Management forum is an area in the system where users can exchange their ideas and start discussions. They also can post news, events, and announcements, organize voting and calculate results there.