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The solution provides full scope of capabilities for purchase management from supplier selection and price monitoring to making supply schedules and return registration.

Supplier Information

Data about your suppliers is stored in one place. Current supplier and their competitors’ prices can be easily registered in the application: they can be downloaded from price lists on supplier websites.

Purchase Conditions

In 1C: ERP when registering purchase conditions you should specify payment conditions to supplier, goods delivery periods and warehouses, goods acceptance option. Later, the application will use this data to generate a supplier contract.

Purchase Orders

Purchase order is a tool that allows you to organize purchases and control both supplier's product obligations and your own financial obligations.

The software can create Purchase orders automatically based on goods supply demand calculation or previously created purchase orders and customer transaction. The second option requires automatic population of the main purchasing conditions.

Goods payment is controlled according to payment date specified in the purchase order. Goods supply schedule can be made based on the analysis of estimated supply dates.

Supply Payment

Supply is paid according to the contract, specified purchase order, or receipt document:

  • Advance transferred to the supplier can be set off
  • Payment can be moved from one order to another.

Discrepancy Registration on Goods Receipt

Discrepancies between actually received goods and goods specified in the source supporting documents can be registered on goods receipt.

Shortage can be allocated to mutual settlements with an external company or to other expenses. Accumulated goods surplus can be allocated to other expenses.

Adjustment and Return of Goods to Supplier

If it is necessary, supply documents can be adjusted in the application. For example, goods can actually be received as an incomplete set after the documents are received or the supplier can send corrected documents with another price for unit. Information about goods is entered in the receipt adjustment according to data of the new supplier's documents.

When received goods return is registered, state of settlements with supplier is changed in the application and goods ownership right transfer is registered.

Goods Delivery from Supplier

The solution allows you to deliver goods from suppliers in several ways:

  • Without our transport service - delivered by the supplier or carrier. In this case, transportation jobs are not generated and information about the carrier or supplier is specified for reference only.
  • With our transport service - goods can be collected from supplier’s warehouse or carried and moved to our warehouse.

You can specify transportation parameters (transport, driver, and trip time) and generate trip route data while registering goods delivery to our warehouse.