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Rise Accounting

Rise Accounting software is a powerful cloud solution that works well for service- and manufacturing companies. Our accounting software automates bookkeeping, sales, and purchasing management, and offers handy tools for tracking inventory. The solution supports IFRS accounting and South African Reporting Standards. 

Rise Accounting is seamlessly integrated with Shopify and RiseDoc, a mobile app for expense management.

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New Class of Cloud Accounting Software

Rise Accounting integrates accounting, inventory, and order management in one application, providing users with powerful tools for running growing business. The solution advanced features go beyond typical functionality of regular cloud-based accounting software.

Accounting & Reporting

Rise Accounting software offers anywhere access 24/7 to corporate financial data and presents it in a familiar spreadsheet layout. Reporting tools help business owners get essential accounting data just on time and make informed decisions. The application cloud architecture facilitates collaborating with outside accountants, investors and partners, streamlining the whole work process. 
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Rise Accounting software makes the process of managing sales orders, quotes, invoices and payments, handling customer returns and refunds more flexible. Instant access to inventory and cost data together with simple document creation significantly shorten your “order-to-cash” journey. 
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Rise Accounting software speeds up purchasing and supplier management. Easy-to-use tools help create new supplier invoices on the fly, while simple classification of line items facilitates project accounting. 
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Rise Accounting software tracks inventory changes after each sale, purchase or purchase return. Reporting tools offer detailed information on inventory for a predetermined period.  
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Rise: Accounting Software Distribution Terms

Rise SA Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd is the owner of Rise Accounting software, which is distributed through own partners. In order to use Rise Accounting, it is required to own or acquire valid licenses of 1C:Enterprise platform. Rise Accounting software can be customized for your own business needs.